Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kathmandu tonight ......

All good now. 


Mechanics were arrested on re-entering the nepalese border because they the border cops didn't believe that they were bringing us parts. 


An enfield is easily the most powerful and expensive type of bike in Nepal, and there is a thriving spare parts black market. Customs found enough spares for two bikes with Rasul (and they were on one bike) so assumed that they were trying to evade paying duty. This caused a three hour delay, and our hotel manager eventually had to go down and sort it out with the police by assuring them that there actually were six more enfields at his hotel (two if them broken). No bribe, no fine, no problem. 


Our challenge now is four hours of daylight to make a 4.5 hour journey where the last hour is so rough that it is only passable by motorcycle. Basically a muddy up-mountain track. 


Should be interesting.


Kathmandu tonight ......