Friday, October 30, 2009

Initial Information

Tour dates:
   8th August 2010 (Sunday) to 23rd August 2010 (Monday) inclusive
Tour route:
   Kolkata to Delhi via Nepal
Provisional details:
   West Bengal (Kolkata), Bihar, Nepal, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan (Jaipur), Haryana (Delhi);
   then back to Kolkata via the interior
   High altitude riding, Taj Mahal, indian food and culture, vintage-style riding
   Perth - Singapore - Return = AUD$285
   Singapore - Chennai - Return = AUD$278
   Chennai - Kolkata - Return = AUD$72 
   $1AUD = 42 INR (also written as Rs)
   500cc Royal Enfields
   Hire cost of between 100Rs and 300Rs per day
   Sourced as we go, allow 1,000 Rs per night for budget hotels
   Sourced as we go (hope you like curry)
   HBF quote $170 for Gold Cover over this period
Final Commit Dates
   $200 deposit paid by the end of November 2009
   Flights will need to be paid sometime in Jan/Feb


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