Tuesday, October 5, 2010

4 October 2010

It’s a new day, its a new dawn, it’s a new life for me,  and  Im feeeeeeling sore!

Funny story.  Dave, Dave and Gav hopped in a rickshaw last night to grab a quick meal.  Nice to let someone else navigate the vagrancies of the traffic.  Their rickshaw rider set off down a slope but he couldnt stop the cart (something about mass and acceleration…..).  It ripped down the hill, then crashed into a small shop tipping them all out and knocking both the rickshaw and the shop over.  No one was hurt but a huge crowd gathered to stand around for some length of time and laugh.

We have decided to continue on our journey.  Another day to get to know the craziness of the Indian roadscape and culture, and each other The team is working well together , especially given some of us only shook hands recently. 

Mechanics earned their keep last night they have been a wise investment.

·       Dave M buckled wheel and later snapped frame.

·       Tony lost all oil

·       Ty new clutch

·       Jeff broken mirrors

·       Brad broken heaps……………

First 4 hours in the saddle took us 139 kms half way from Farraka to Siliguri (say that with an Indian accent for best effect).

There are an astonishing number of very serious accidents enroute none of them ours .  The truck drivers are public enemy #1.  Both Jason and I have been forced off the road several times today.

Ty skidded off too, but was okay.   These are by far the most challenging roads I have ever traversed by at least 1000 times (and there have been some shockers in the past). 

We all made it to Siliguri in one piece good bits and bad bits about today.  Challenging but doable.  Totally naffed!