Thursday, September 30, 2010

Slight Hiccup

Please see below information from Mohit at Smart Motors in Delhi:

“n one thing more i have to tell actually from 20th of this month transport is stoped in delhi till 14th of oct this is coz of the common wealth games in india so we will be sending the bikes through train its costing me like rs 36000 for sendind but i can bear rs1000 more the main part is to send the bikes from calcuta railway station to the hotel where you people will be staying for this we have two either you people can go n collect the bikes from the railway station my mechanic will be their or you have to pay fot the truck in which we have to load the bikes from the railway to the hotel in calcuta where you will be atayin”

I have advised Mohit that we will meet Rahul (the mechanic) at the hotel at 5:30pm on Sat 02/10/10 and go to the train freight yard with him to unload the bikes. We will then need to ride them back to the hotel for the night, and leave for Farakka the following morning.

Unfortunately this does expose riders to a risk that I had hoped to avoid. Dum Dum (Calcutta) airport is 20km north of Calcutta CBD, and the Heritage Hotel is quite nearby. This strategy was designed to get us out of Calcutta reasonably easily and avoid the horrendous traffic. As it now stands, your first experience of riding in Calcutta will be peak hour traffic in one of the most congested cities in the world. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it actually is. Staying together or even in close proximity is almost impossible in Indian cities, and finding addresses can be an exercise in frustration even for cab drivers when streets are often unsignposted and buildings rarely have numbers. Not to mention the added stress of riding unfamiliar bikes in very challenging conditions.

Working on it .... Any ideas?