Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bachon Ka Ghar Orphanage

Based in the Daryaganj district of Old Delhi, Bachon Ka Ghar is an orphanage for Islamic girls, between the ages of 6 and 18 years. The large majority of the girls residing in Bachon Ka Ghar are either paternal or maternal orphans, although some have lost both parents.

Children residing in Bachon Ka Ghar are not available for adoption. Rather, all the girls are registered with the local authorities, and remain in the orphanage until they are 18 years of age. Once they reach this age, those girls who are paternal orphans are returned to their mothers. Until the age of 18 years, all girls are encouraged to attend local schools.

The building that houses the orphanage has capacity for approximately 85-95 girls. In May 2007 when staff from the A.R.C. Worldwide Trust visited, the orphanage was near full capacity. The general conditions of the orphanage are tidy, however, the building itself would benefit from some minor repair work, particularly to the bathroom area and shared common space areas.

Being an orphanage for Muslim girls, A.R.C. Worldwide was informed that Bachon Ka Ghar does receive some financial support from the Iranian Embassy. However, the majority of the funding required to operate the orphanage is obtained through voluntary donations from the local community. All donations and gifts are accepted, including clothes, shoes, books and toys. School supplies, including books, stationary and school uniforms, in addition to donations of food, are often in need.

If you are interested in providing a donation to the Bachon Ka Ghar Orphanage for Girls, please contact the Orphanage directly